Peace. Love. Tappiness.

Peace. Love. Tappiness.



We're not your average dance company.

We believe dance should be fun and accessible for everyone, which is why we focus on technique and choreography with the help of master level teachers. We're about making art, not winning trophies and wearing sequins.

Originally founded as a record company by dance legend Buster Cooper, Choreo Records is now a youth ensemble – offering tap classes and workshops with expert instructors and original choreography.



Choreo Records Tap Company attempts to illuminate the struggles and satisfaction of the artistic process with our latest work, Little Engine.

Following last season's shiny golden 60th anniversary spectacular, Sensations in Rhythm, Choreo seizes the opportunity to take the audience's hand and give them a front row seat...behind the curtain.

Join this force of brave young artists, age 8 - 24, as they show you a glimpse into the last year of their artistic journey. Little Engine includes special pieces by Nicole Hockenberry. Sarah Reich and Lane Alexander. Choreo band will provide live music.


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As a parent, you always want your child to get your money’s worth out of an art program by learning the craft. At Choreo, we not only get lots of learning bang for our buck, but our teenage student is proud and happy to be part of this amazing ensemble.
— Katie A., Law Genius & Tap Mom